Being on control means you're in control

Even if you don’t use birth control right now, chances are that you or a partner, parent, sibling, or child will at some point in your lives. In fact, 99 percent of sexually active women in the U.S. use one or more forms of birth control in their lifetime. And while you may not benefit directly, you still win because when women have access to affordable birth control, society as a whole does better.

33% of the wage gains women have made since the 1960s are the result of access to oral contraceptives. Unintended pregnancies—and abortion rates—are at historic lows. Teen pregnancy rates have declined to the lowest level in 40 years.

The stats speak loud and clear. Access to affordable birth control means the ability to plan for a family. To pursue your biggest dreams. To make decisions about your personal life responsibly and without fear. Being on control means you’re able to be in control of so many aspects of your life.

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